New Honda Civic Type-R

Published Date: 21st Dec 2005

Honda is set to launch its new high-performance Civic at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.

Honda fans will eagerly anticipate the launch, as the vehicle has a reputation for changing the industry's perception of Honda. It was a cheap new car that was fast and according to many - thrilling to drive.

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The Civic has had strong UK sales in the past and will be constructed in a plant at Swindon, which will be hailed as good news for British business.

Meanwhile, the five-door Honda has been released to rave reviews in Europe. It was praised for its "precise handling", "fantastic" cornering and "confidence-inspiring stability". The car can be found at European dealers in January.

News of the New Honda Civic came as Honda revised its sales predictions for the forthcoming year.

Global sales are set to rise as markets in the US and China are predicted to experience higher than expected growth in 2006.