Council let Traffic Warden Park on Double yellow lines

Published Date: 17th Dec 2015

A Cornwall traffic warden was  photographed leaving his car on double yellow lines, The local council defended him when a resident complained


A traffic warden was labelled a hypocrite because his car was photographed on double yellow lines.

A passer-by was stunned when he saw the traffic warden’s car left on the road, clearly parked across the double yellow lines.

car parked on double yellow lines

A resident that lives close by told his story: "I was just coming back with some shopping when I saw the vehicle parked there.

"I could tell from what was inside that it was a traffic warden who had parked there and I later saw them return to the vehicle.

"We have carers coming to our home and they are unable to park easily nearby.

"When they have parked on yellow lines they have received tickets and they are not allowed any special consideration or dispensation.

"If the traffic warden was dealing with a vehicle which was obstructing the road, was a danger or was blocking someone's drive then I could understand that they might need to park on double yellow lines.

"But they don't need to park on double yellow lines so that they can walk on foot around nearby streets to hand out tickets - its double standards.

"They should be leading by example and find somewhere more suitable to park."

traffic warden

The council had this say in their defence: "The council has received complaints from residents in this area in the last couple of weeks regarding vehicles parked in contravention of restrictions and causing obstructions.


"In response to those complaints Civil Enforcement Officers are patrolling on an ad-hoc basis when in the area or travelling to a location nearby.

"There are exemptions for liveried council vehicles to park on double yellow lines when officers are carrying out statutory duties or work that requires the vehicle to be in close proximity.

"While we would prefer staff to observe parking restrictions, there are occasions when for operations reasons vehicles need to be parked close by."