A New 404bhp Fiat 500

Yes, it’s a 404bhp Pogea-tuned Fiat 500 Abarth with 445lb ft of torque (electronically limited to 328ib for stability) with an eye-catching ‘beefy’ wide body, nearly two inches of flare on the fenders, super sport tyres and a full carbon body. I’m sure you gathered that it’s built for speed and in the right conditions is capable of propelling you from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds putting it on a par with the AWD Focus RS. 

New Pogea Tuned Fiat 500 Exterior

So has all this extra juice been achieved with the same 1.4 turbo engine found in the standard Abarth? ….. Well yes and no, in fact more no ….there are quite a few upgrades to the original 1.4 turbo engine including a new cooling system, new forged pistons, an upgraded intake, exhaust valves and turbocharger, new injectors and reinforced engine block are just a few of a long-list of upgrades design to speed up the vehicle or ensure the additional power can be handled.

Fiat 500 - Pogea Tuned Engine

The Pogea-tuned 500 is surprisingly front-drive only, for such a power-house it should make for a challenging drive in difficult/wet conditions whilst in dry conditions enthusiasts may consider it a fun experience.

The gearbox and suspension system have also been give the ‘full treatment with extensive improvements to accommodate the power and performance improvements. Pogea say the vehicle was four years in the making from start to finish making all the power work for the vehicle, in their words “hardly a screw remained untouched over the four years of development.”

The vehicle has been named Ares after the Greek god of war. We’re told that just five of these power-packed little Fiat 500s will be on sale for £50,000 each, presumably would-be buyers are looking for something a little bit on the wild side and slightly challenging to drive!

……If you’re like most of the population, sane and in the market for a mainstream new Fiat 500, see our latest deals.