£189,000 a Year Speed Camera

Published Date: 8th Jul 2014

The Camera, located at junction 25 on the M60 made an astonishing £189,000 last year.

UK motorists were fined more than £22 million in 2013 and the most profitable camera is in Manchester.Image of yellow speed camera

400,000 fixed penalty notices were handed out for speeding in total and 73,944 court summons, this is according to data collected by LV= car insurance. That’s a rise of three percent when compared with 2012. Britain’s busiest speed camera at Junction 25 of the M60 had clocked 9,326 motorists last year, generating £189,140 for the government. This has angered many motors because it is now seen as a money spinning exercise, rather than a safety measure.

More top earning speed cameras were; westbound stretch of the A13 Gateway to Scratton Terrace and another on the M54 in between junction 1 and 3 in Stafford. Over 50 percent of drivers said they were caught by one of the 3,353 fixed yellow box cameras, and almost 33 percent were caught by police with cameras at the roadside. The rest were caught by police without a camera.


John O'Roarke, managing director of LV= car insurance explained: “It can be easy for motorists to become complacent when they get behind the wheel, especially when they drive on the same roads day in and day out. However, it's important that drivers always concentrate on the road so they can spot any new road signs, changes in speed limits, and are aware of what other motorists are doing.”  

Currently In 2014, research shows that the fastest speed clocked so far this year is 146mph on the M25 in Swanley clocked by Kent Police. In second place is a 130mph driver caught by Warwickshire Police on the M6. There is currently one speed camera for every 67 miles of road in the UK.

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