Manchester Zengrab Lanewatch 2 Super Cameras Revealed

Published Date: 16th Oct 2013

We recently wrote an article about the new state-of-the-art Zengrab super cameras which council's are being accused of using as cash cows to catch unsuspecting motorists out. Many see the new cameras as more of a money making scheme than an effort to keep the roads safe!Zengrab Lanewatch 2 Camera

The ZenGrab LaneWatch Mk2 cameras have night vision and a series of lenses and can be used for catching drivers comitting a number offences, for example driving in a bus lane, entering a no stopping grid/zone or doing an illegal right turn or u-tun, evidence is taken by way of high quality digital video and photographs. Experts say the new hi-tech cameras can potentially record 50 times more motoring offences in a day!

Manchester was one of the first councils outide of London to install the new cameras and has many located at it's busiest peak time routes, to date they have 15 of the cameras in action installed in hot spots around some of Manchesters busiest areas. It's thought many are situated in prime positions for catching unsuspecting motorists entering bus lanes illegally.

The Manchester Evening News has exclusively revealed the locations of the 15 new Zengrab cameras that are already in operation.

Remember folks, the next time you are late for work and tempted to jump into the bus lane to avoid the traffic a Zengrab Lanewatch 2 camera could be waiting for you!!