Which profession is most likely to claim on their car insurance

Published Date: 30th Mar 2016

We all know the question of what profession you’re in can work for you or against you, when it comes to comparing quote after quote for your car insurance. 1st central insurance have released some of the facts and figures that paint a different picture to what you may think

Top of the list of the worst drivers is Accountants, 1st central went back over their own claim history of more than a million drivers to find the profession, including men and women responsible for over 16,000 annual claims per year which is 44 every day.

Next up is solicitors, coming in second place with an annual total of 15,000 accident claims per year and followed closely by doctors in third place, the long hours worked by many doctors across the UK is having an adverse effect on their driving and the profession has climbed the ladder, it was only ninth last time around.

Other professions in the top ten and most likely to claim on their insurance include financial advisors, airline cabin crew, letting agents, and pharmacists.

Falling into the good category of drivers and the professions least likely claim for accident damage include roofers with 3,850 claims and farm workers with 4,000 claims. The best of the rest includes builders, cleaners , butchers, lorry drivers and carpet fitters which are all in the bottom ten when it comes to accidents on the road.

A spokesman for 1st Central said: “People often have preconceived ideas about how certain professions behave on the roads.

“Our data dispels a number of these myths, but it’s interesting to see that a number of professions we trust with our safety are actually the worst on the road.”