VW Golf Estate New Car Deals

Published Date: 27th Oct 2010

Its a Volkswagen VW Golf - Das Auto, Any customer who has ever had a VW golf will understand the level of build quality and practicality these vehicles have in an understated yet stylish package.

The Volkswagen Golf Estate is a bit more of a compact estate car along the same lines of the Ford Focus estate, the new VW Golf Estate offers Estate loading capability in a practical and refined package.

As far as family estates go whist this vehicle is based upon the previous generation VW Golf platform it delivers just about everything you could want, It is a solid performer with some strong diesel and petrol power plants which are fuel efficient and reliable.

Some of the other estate cars on the market offer more space for your money but if you are looking for a slighly more compact version of an estate car then look no further than the Volkswagen VW Golf Estate.

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Alternative vehicles are the Ford Focus Estate, Vauxhall Insignia, BMW 5 Series Touring, Hyunda I30 Tourer or the Ford Mondeo Estate all of which are available at good discounts at uk car discount

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