Volkswagen Price Rise 2012

We have just had word from Volkswagen uk of a January 2012 price increase scheduled for 3rd of January 2012.

It seems the projected VW price rise of 1% will hit the following models:

Volkswagen VW Eos, Volkswagen VW Jetta, Volkswagen VW Phaeton, Volkswagen VW Polo, Volkswagen VW Scirocco, Volkswagen VW Touran

There are slight price increases on the rest of the Volkswagen range (excluding Volkswagen VW Up! and the Volkswagen VW Beetle) to cover other logistic costs. 

Volkswagen have confirmed Price protection rules will apply to all customer orders and vehicles delivered before 6pm on 2 January 2012. 

All non customer-tagged vehicles will attract the higher prices from 3 January 2012.  

Updated PDFs of the price lists, including option pricing, will be available to download on Desktop in mid December, and will be updated on 3 January 2012.


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