Road Tax Grace Period Extended To 14 days

Published Date: 24th Jul 2013

From the 22nd July a new government bill has come into action that extends the ‘grace period’ for vehicle tax discs. 

Previously there was a 5 day waiver period but now vehicle owners paying for vehicle excise duty (VED) tax discs and dealers renewing a trade licence tax disc will benefit from an extended 14 days waiver period. The new waiver period should also be of help to those who are purchasing new cleaner new vehicles that are eligible for road tax exemption.

The Government announced in the 2012 budget  it would be aiming to reduce tax disc postage costs to new and existing vehicle owners, including motor dealers by extending the grace period to two weeks.

Applying for a tax disc will still be the same for individuals who can apply online with the affect on waiting times expected to be negligible. Vehicle owners will also still have the option to take their relevant documents to the post office to acquire a tax disc immediately over the counter.

Also in the budget, the government announced that Statutory Off-Road Notifications or SORN for short will no longer need to be renewed on a yearly basis.