Vauxhall Life-Time Warranty Terminated

Published Date: 1st Oct 2014

Vauxhall have released the following statement regarding the termination of its life time Warranty and why.


Termination of Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty – effective for all orders received after October 31st 2014.

Over the last few years we have seen dramatically changed ownership patterns with fewer Retail customers keeping their cars beyond three years, due largely to the growth of Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) based programmes. We have therefore made the decision to withdraw our Life Time Warranty offer. Vauxhall’s new warranty offer will be comprehensive and fully transferable, plus in the first year it will also include the benefits of AA Roadside Assistance with both Home Start and Full European cover. These changes will bring our Vauxhall Warranty offer in line with our mainstream competitors.
For our Retail customers this means only vehicles ordered before 1st October 2014 and delivered by 31st December 2014 will be eligible for Lifetime Warranty. For our Fleet customers, this has been extended to orders received by 31st of October 2014, regardless of the delivery date.

Implementation Details

  • No Passenger Cars for Retail Customers registered on or after January 1st 2015 will be eligible for Lifetime Warranty. The only exception will be Passenger Cars ordered on or before October 1st 2014 which, due to long lead times, can only be registered after December 31st 2014.
  • Due to the significant content of “build to order” vehicles for Fleet customers, any Fleet Passenger Cars ordered prior to October 31st 2014 will be eligible for Lifetime Warranty upon registration.
  • No New Corsa (Corsa E) models, for Retail or Fleet customers, regardless of when they are registered, will be eligible for Lifetime Warranty.


Existing Customers with Lifetime Warranty

This announcement does not affect those new car buyers who currently own vehicles eligible for Lifetime Warranty (subject to them maintaining the vehicles eligibility through the annual reactivation check).


Confirmation of Vauxhall Warranty Coverage

All Vauxhall Passenger Cars will be sold with a three year/60,000 mile (which ever comes sooner) fully transferable warranty. Additionally, in the first year from registration, AA Roadside Assistance (with Home Start and Full European cover) is included.

As a reminder, Lifetime Warranty has never applied to Commercial Vehicles (Light and Heavy Vans), so this email doesn’t relate to Commercial Vehicles. Corsavan and Combo remain at three year/60,000 miles, Vivaro and Movano at three year/100,000 miles.


Extended Warranty Programmes

We will be offering a range of extended warranties to those customers who require them. Further details on this will be available from your Fleet Sales Manager.