Vauxhall back in with Metropolitan Police – New Deal Agreed

Published Date: 10th Dec 2015

Vauxhall will provide 2,000 Vauxhall vehicles 28 different police forces round the UK, this is expected to include around 1,200 new Vauxhall Astra’s

Vauxhall have been a supplier to the UK polices force for decades, but more recent times have seen the Police switch elegancies to Hyundai. Which means Vauxhall would give this a great victory, as Hyundai are one of their main rivals in the UK. Hyundai have been trying to bridge the gap to Vauxhall for quite some time and get closer every year that goes by – offering value-for-money cars as Vauxhall do.


This is one of the biggest British police car supply deals in history; this means that criminals will be wary of the Vauxhall badge again.

This lucrative contract will see Vauxhall hand over more than 2,000 vehicles over the next few years, the new Vauxhall Astra will account for 1,200 of them. This latest model family hatchback will become the iconic face of the new police fleet.

Vauxhall have also promised to pass on Corsas, Insignias and Vivaro vans. The 28 police boroughs will receive their Vauxhall orders from 2016, and there is also small allowance to supply Fire Stations with some much needed transport on this two-year agreement.

Vauxhall’s new 'OnStar' technology was a big draw, it allows the car to become a mobile internet hotspot and allows you to shut the car down remotely.

“A vehicle purchasing collaboration between police forces and partners on this scale has never been seen before" explained David Wilkin, West Midlands Police’s Director of Resources.


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