Vauxhall Astra VXR Extreme

Published Date: 27th Feb 2014

The VXR Extreme is the Fastest front-wheel-drive Vauxhall ever and gets over 296bhp from 2.0-litre turbo engine and can reach 60mph in 5.9sec

The Vauxhall Astra VXR Extreme could enter production if gets positive reactions at the Geneva Motor show next week. And If the new VXR extreme gets the green light for production, it will 

become the most powerful front-wheel-drive car in the whole of Vauxhall's history. The new VXR Extreme outputs: “over 296bhp” from its 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. The power plant, which also features variable cam phasing, drives through a six-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential.

When making a comparison, Standard VXRs produce 276bhp at 5300rpm and 295 lb ft at 2400-4800rpm, allowing for 0-60mph in 5.9sec and a top speed of 155mph. Vauxhall says the concept is 100kg lighter than the standard Astra VXR, in part thanks to the use of carbon fibre and aluminium in place of steel, which is used for the roof of the car, bonnet, rear wing, diffuser, front spoiler, suspension cross brace, rear wheelhouse vents and the wheels as well.

The new Vauxhall VXR Extreme also gets 370mm discs and six-piston callipers on the front wheels and specifically developed high-performance  245/35 19in tyres. Inside, Recaro racing seats and six-point safety belts feature, with a roll cage that sits in place of the rear seats.

New front wings are pressed from aluminium instead of conventional steel and weigh just 800g each, instead of the normal 2.2kg for the standard VXR’s wings, while the carbon fibre roof weighs only 2.6kg compared with 9.3kg for the standard Vauxhall VXR’s steel roof. Vauxhall have claimed that the weight saving measures and lowered centre of gravity “greatly improve overall handling and agility”.

Official pricing is yet to be revealed. The current Astra VXR costs £27,260, while the VXR Extreme is expected to be a lot more.