Two Millionth Qashqai Built at Sunderland Plant

Nissan has recently produced its two millionth Qashqai at its Sunderland plant. The milestone comes less than eight years after the model was first launched.

Nissan’s production of the Qashqai started in December 2006, 85 per cent of the models made have been exported. Over 2.5 million Nissan Qashqai’s have been produced so far.


New NIssan Qashqai


The Japanese manufacturer says the Qashqai has reached a production milestone faster than any other model in the UK car industry. By comparison, it took the BMW owned Mini 10 years to reach the same target, while the Ford Fiesta - which currently maintains its position as the UK's best-selling car - took 18 years.

The new Qashqai is the second generation of the smash hit and is made alongside the electric Leaf at Nissan's Sunderland plant. A completed model currently rolls off the Manufacturer’s production line every 62 seconds at the site.

Not only do these figures show Nissan’s popularity in the European and UK market, but shows there commitment to the UK economy. Many manufacturers produce cars in cheap labour countries with little or no tax, but Nissan have paved the way for more Manufacturers to re-think this low-cost strategy.

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by Harley Bennett
4 November 2014