Travelling Drivers Urged To Take Car Insurance

Published Date: 31st May 2006

Motorists planning on going to the World Cup this summer should ensure they are aware of German regulations governing car insurance and driving in general.

Motorists should shop around for the best car insurance policy available, as not all insurers will cover damage or loss of their vehicle while abroad, while some charge an additional fee for driving outside the UK.

Frances Browning, spokesperson for Churchill Car Insurance, commented:

"Whilst many fans will have their mind on England?s performance on the pitch, motorists should check their policy before leaving on their trip."

She then warned: "It is important to read up on the driving laws of the country that you visit when driving abroad and especially in Germany, where the rules are strictly enforced.

"You may be unknowingly caught and hit for an on-the-spot fine for as little as not having a first-aid kit in the car."

Other regulations motorists will be forced to observe in Germany are to drive on the right side of the road, wear seatbelts all time and drink especially frugally, as drink-driving regulations are somewhat stricter there than the UK.

Drivers are also warned that the speed limit in Germany is 50km per hour in towns and 100 km per hour on other roads.

Anyone caught speeding will be hit with an on the spot fine and their vehicle will be impounded if they cannot pay it.

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