Toyota Verso Gets New BMW Engine

Published Date: 4th Dec 2013

The new Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D Compact MPV will be available early 2014 and will be the first Toyota passenger vehicle to use a BMW supplied engine. 

The new BMW engine is part of a deal agreed between the two motoring giants two years ago and will be the start of a longer collaboration between BMW and Toyota with a commitment to produce more environmentally friendly and efficient new cars. 

Although Hybrid vehicles like the flagship Toyota Prius and the newer addition to the sector the new Toyota Auris Hybrid are at the core of Toyota's strategy it still also recognises that cleaner diesel engines will still play a very big part in the drive for cleaner and more efficient new cars.

Toyota's experts at their technical centre in Belgium headed the development of the new 2014 Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D fusing the BMW engine with the their Toyota transmission and electronics whilst retaining key features of the ride including comfort and a responsive drive. The fusion included new engine mounts, a dual mass flywheel, a new gearbox and housing plus a new start/stop system for improved fuel economy.

Expect the new Verso 1.6 D-4D to be available in the UK early in 2014.