Top 5 New Cars Sold October 2017

The new figures are out for new cars registered in October 2017. We list the top 5 best sellers and the year to date figures. The data interestingly, shows people are now moving towards petrol and alternative fuel vehicles such as hybrids and full electric drive. 34.8% up on October last year with 8,244 new low C02 vehicles registered compared to 6,021.

5. New Mercedes A-Class 3,390 units sold


The new Mercedes A-class hatchback, is a head turner in terms of exterior design and shows through repeated top sales figures that routinely beat off the competition from Audi’s A3 and BMW’s 1 series. The A-Class benefits from a wide range of trim levels catering for sporty or luxurious choices with a great range of diesel and petrol manuals and automatics.

4. New Nissan Qashqai 3,923 units sold


The UK’s top selling crossover strikes up a place once again in the top 5 for October as it routinely does almost every month. Most other manufacturers have tried to beat the Qashqai’s superb value for money and practicality, with only the Kia Sportage coming close in the sales figures. With the recent facelift model comes new modern colours to choose from with stunning Vivid blue pictured above.

3. New Ford Focus 5,503


Usually taking up the number 2 spot on the monthly and year to date sales charts the highly refined Ford Focus has slipped a place to make way for the Volkswagen Golf. Currently available with fantastic savings and deals, the Ford Focus continues to be a great purchase for those in the family hatchback market. Whether you’re after a sporty RS, ST, ST Line X or the refined luxury and technology of the Titanium X, Ford have got you covered here.

2. New Volkswagen Golf 5,547 units sold.


Another long-standing favourite among the British public, the New Volkswagen Golf, that has recently undergone a facelift and new technology added. The changes and fresh looks have helped the Golf climb up to second in October and 2nd overall for the year so far. The solid hatchback is another highly versatile model with all bases covered including the Hybrid Golf GTE part electric, part petrol and highly sought-after performance models such as the classic GTi, GTD and 310 bhp Golf R.

1 New Ford Fiesta. 7,256 units sold


Britain's top supermini the new Ford Fiesta has finally regained the top spot for October, after being recently on model change-over and suffering loss of sales. Number 1 for the month and number 1 for October makes the Fiesta officially Britains top selling car. Packed with new technology and standard safety equipment the new Fiesta has gone on to earn a full five stars from the Euro NCAP safety rating board.

The Top Ten for October and the year so far

The top ten table for the year and october 2017