The Speed Enforcement Trailer

Published Date: 21st Jan 2016

It is already hard to avoid speed camera here in the UK but soon it could become even harder in the form of a trailered, armour plated box capable of capturing both sides of the road and across all lanes.

It features steel plating and an alarm to protect itself from enraged motorists. It can also monitor different speed limits between vehicle types as it is able to distinguish the difference between heavy goods vehicles and cars. The images of the offenders are then beamed over the mobile phone network straight to the authorities. The box can be dropped at the side of any road and can last up to 5 days running on its own batteries. Speed limits can be set for the day time and night time to ensure road safety during the night.

Each of these high tech trailers can be purchased for £109,000 and feature remote control to drop the system over its wheels to make it harder to move once it is set down, the remote connection is then also used to set up the camera’s position, angle and speed limits.

It is currently being tested in Hanover, Germany with France and the UK keeping an eye on the trial for their roads. Other European countries are also interested.