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Published Date: 8th May 2024

New Mazda UK Car LogoHave you ever dreamt of a car that offers an exhilarating performance that gets your heart racing and provides exceptional fuel efficiency, making every drive both thrilling and economical? Look no further than Mazda's ground-breaking Skyactiv technology. This innovative approach is the Japanese automaker's unwavering dedication to crafting extraordinary driving experiences. By pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering, Mazda's Skyactiv technology harmoniously blends robust power with impressive fuel economy, ensuring that drivers no longer have to choose between performance and efficiency.


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Beyond Efficiency: A Holistic Approach


Unlike conventional car manufacturing practices, which focus solely on individual components, Skyactiv takes a holistic approach. Imagine a human body—a strong core is essential, but true agility is impossible without a well-functioning nervous system and coordinated limbs. This philosophy translates to Skyactiv vehicles, where every element—engine, transmission, chassis, and interior—works perfectly.


Under the Bonnet: Power Meets Efficiency


At the heart of Skyactiv lies a revolution in engine technology, offering a range of options to suit different driving needs and preferences:


  • New Mazda 2 Hybrid 2024SKYACTIV-G Petrol: These engines utilise a high compression ratio and a special combustion design ideal for those prioritising fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. This translates to impressive gas mileage while keeping emissions low, making them a great choice for everyday driving and environmentally conscious car buyers.
  • SKYACTIV-D Diesel: If you crave excellent fuel economy, especially for frequent highway driving, SKYACTIV-D diesels are a champion. With their innovative, low-compression design, these engines extract maximum power from every drop of fuel, keeping your wallet happy and reducing your environmental footprint. Recent advancements have led to quieter operations and improved response for a more enjoyable driving experience.
  • e-SKYACTIV X Petrol: This ground-breaking engine is a game-changer for drivers who want it all. It combines a petrol engine's exhilarating feel and responsiveness with a diesel's fuel efficiency and torque. This translates to a fun and surprisingly economical car, making it a perfect choice for those who don't want to compromise.


Choosing the Right Skyactiv Engine for You:


  • Mostly city driving: Prioritise fuel efficiency – choose SKYACTIV-G petrol.
  • Frequent highway driving: Value fuel economy and torque – choose SKYACTIV-D diesel.
  • Want the best of both worlds: Enjoy the exhilarating performance and exceptional fuel savings – choose e-SKYACTIV X petrol.


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Elevating the Driving Experience


New Mazda CX-60 2024The brilliance of Skyactiv extends beyond the engine. Mazda engineers have meticulously crafted manual and automatic transmissions to provide exceptional control and lightning-fast gear changes.

For those seeking a seamless electric driving experience, e-Skyactiv, with its human-centric technology, delivers a perfect balance between driving range, environmental impact, and exhilarating agility.


Innovation Beyond the Engine Block


Skyactiv doesn't stop at the powertrain. G-Vectoring Control enhances your driving experience by ensuring precise steering and maximum grip, even in challenging conditions. This means a smoother, more comfortable drive, regardless of the weather.

In select models like the Mazda MX-5 and CX-60, the Kinematic Posture Control System (KPC) takes cornering to a new level by minimising body roll, making every drive thrilling and secure.


A Driver-Centric Philosophy


New Mazda MX-5 2024 ModelAt Mazda, the driver is always at the centre of their design philosophy. Through meticulous research on human movement and reactions, Mazda engineers and designers craft cockpits and interiors that feel intuitive and comfortable. The result? A car that becomes an extension of yourself, allowing you to drive with confidence and minimal stress.


Understanding Mazda Skyactiv Engines: Power, Efficiency, and Choice for New Car Buyers at UK Car Discount


Fuel efficiency and performance are top priorities when choosing a new car. Mazda's Skyactiv technology tackles both these aspects with a range of innovative engines, making them a great choice for new car buyers, especially with the amazing deals available at UK Car Discount.


Here's a breakdown of the Skyactiv engine options:


  • New Mazda 2 Hybrid 2024SKYACTIV-G Petrol: These engines deliver exceptional fuel economy and clean emissions thanks to their high compression ratio and unique combustion design.
  • SKYACTIV-D Diesel: Offering excellent efficiency, especially in real-world driving conditions, these low-compression engines boast reduced emissions and improved responsiveness.
  • e-SKYACTIV X Petrol: This revolutionary engine combines the best of both worlds – the exhilarating feel of a petrol engine with the fuel savings, torque, and quick response of a diesel.
  • Mazda M Hybrid: This standard feature in many Mazda models, like the Mazda3 and CX-30, enhances fuel economy by capturing braking energy and powering the car's electrical systems, resulting in a smoother driving experience.
  • e-SKYACTIV R-EV: This unique hybrid system offers the benefits of both electric driving and a range extender powered by a rotary engine, perfect for longer trips without worrying about charging stations.


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  • New Mazda MX-30 2024 ModelConfident Handling in Any Weather: G-Vectoring Control ensures precise steering and unwavering grip, even on wet roads. It also provides smooth transitions during braking and acceleration for a remarkably comfortable drive.
  • Thrilling Corners, Enhanced Safety: In select models like the Mazda MX-5 and CX-60, the Kinematic Posture Control System (KPC) minimises body roll while cornering. This translates to a more exciting driving experience while keeping you and your passengers safe.
  • A Cockpit Designed for You: Mazda takes a human-centric approach to interior design, meticulously studying how people move and react behind the wheel. This translates to an intuitive and comfortable cockpit that minimises stress and allows you to focus on the joy of driving.


Experience the Skyactiv Difference at UK Car Discount


Don't settle for an ordinary car. We offer a transformative driving experience with Mazda Skyactiv technology at UK Car Discount. Explore our extensive selection of Mazda vehicles equipped with these ground-breaking engines, designed to deliver exhilarating performance and outstanding fuel efficiency.


Embrace the Magic of Skyactiv


Row of Mazda Cars on a ForecourtWhether you prioritise sporty responsiveness or impressive highway mileage, a Skyactiv engine is perfect for you. Our knowledgeable sales team is here to discuss the options and help you find the ideal Mazda for your needs and budget.


Beyond the Engine: A Driver-Centric Experience


Skyactiv isn't just about power and efficiency; it's about creating a car that feels like an extension of yourself. Mazda's meticulous engineering ensures precise handling, confident cornering, and a comfortable, intuitive cockpit for stress-free daily driving.

Ready to discover a car that elevates your driving experience? Visit UK Car Discount today and explore the magic of Mazda Skyactiv. We offer fantastic deals on a wide range of Mazda vehicles so you can enjoy driving to work without breaking the bank. Don't wait – contact us today and experience the Mazda Skyactiv difference!


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