Skoda Winter Check Offer

Published Date: 10th Dec 2013

Skoda owners are being offered a ‘Winter Check’ for just £30 to help them stay safe on the roads during the winter months.

New Skoda YetiThe comprehensive winter tests are carried out by trained Skoda engineers and include checking lights, wiper blades, windscreen washer fluid, brakes, tyres, battery and the vehicles air con system.

If that isn’t enough Skoda customers taking advantage of the winter test will also get a bag of freebies including windscreen wash, de-icer and a window/ice scraper!

Lights will be checked for alignment problems and any blown bulbs, windscreen wiper blades will be checked for wear and issues they may cause smearing or visibility issue for drivers, windscreen wash is checked/topped up and the checked for the correct amount of anti-freeze, brake discs, pads and fluid levels are all checked, tyres are fully checked for potential issues, the cars battery will be checked as it is under more strain during the cold snap and finally the air conditioning system is check to make sure it working to its full potential, an air con system can work very effectively to demist the windscreen and can be a very useful tool for drivers during the winter months.

New Skoda car owners can have the winter carried out any Skoda dealership in the UK.