Save over 5k on a New BMW 3 Series with UK Car Discount

Published Date: 30th Oct 2010

12th February 2011: UK Car Discount has new Efficient Dynamics BMW 3 Series at unbelievable prices

UK Car Discount has secured some of the best and cheapest deals if you are looking for new BMW 3 Series Efficient Dynamics. Customers can save almost 20% on the price of a new BMW 3 Series Efficient Dynamics online, which is being called the most efficient BMW ever!

The Efficient Dynamics is BMWs most eco-friendly car (producing only 109g/km CO2), due to the engine and fuel management systems they have installed, featuring catalytic converter, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), EU5 emissions management and four-cylinder in-line diesel engine with common-rail technology all go to help reduce emissions and increase driving economy, which all makes the BMW a more attractive car to own - if it needed any more.

Other features that help make the 320d Efficient Dynamics the most efficient BMW to-date are:

 - Auto stop start - whenever you come to a rest in neutral, the engine cuts off, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions

 - Brake Energy Regeneration - whenever you apply the brakes or take your foot off the gas, energy is normally wasted. Brake Energy Regeneration uses this energy to recharge the battery, reducing the demand on the engine

 - Lightweight Engineering - new lightweight materials have been introduced across the BMW range to help reduce drag, and the overall weight of the car, meaning you use less fuel to get from A to B

 - Active Aerodynamics - on-board sensors automatically close the air vents at start up to help the engine reach its operating temperature faster, thus improving aerodynamics too. The vents are opened again to allow the breeze to flow through the engine and braking system when cooling is required.

Fore more details please contact our sales team on 0845 170 7770 or follow this link to see prices and options available on a new BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics.