Sales of Caravans & Motorhomes Surge For Staycations

Published Date: 26th Aug 2021

Sales of caravans and motorhomes have surged with the industry reporting a large portion of customers are ‘new’ or first-time caravan buyers.

caravan being towed

Motorhomes have seen a similar surge in demand as the COVID restrictions on overseas travel have led to many taking staycations.

The touring caravan market had traditionally been dominated by the older 50 to 60-year-olds age-bracket, typically their children had grown up and they may be retired or semi-retired.

However, the industry has reported a surge in younger customers getting on board and buying their first caravan or motorhome, many are couples with young children. Some suppliers are now reporting waiting lists of up to year for new caravans or motorhomes, while typically many manufacturers are quoting are more promising 2-6 months.

The surge in demand coupled with issues in the supply chain caused by COVID disruption have had an impact on the industry. We reported recently how a shortage of semi-conductors (microchips) has been affecting manufacturing, with production down by as much 15% in some cases.

If you looking for a new car for towing, check out the 'technical specs' section of each new vehicle on our website for full details of towing capacities.