Bosch To Invest Approaching 1 Billion In Semi-Conductor (Microchip) Plant

Published Date: 9th Jun 2021

German company Bosch have opened a semiconductor plant, with production due to start in July. The motoring industry has been suffering from a severe shortage of semiconductors and Bosch with its reputation for excellent German engineering and technology should further cement its place as a key supplier.

microchip closeup

One of the issues cited as we see a worldwide shortage of microchips, is that manufacturers have been prioritising supply to consumer electronic industries for gadgets like smartphones, tablets, games consoles etc. There has been a boom in the sales of many consumer electronic products during the lockdown as people spend more time at home.

Often referred to as microchips or integrated circuits, semiconductors get their name because they are a mix of conductors and non-conductors (insulators). As well the vehicle manufacturing industry they are key to many other industries in the hi-tech era we live in and often referred to as the pillar of the I.T. industry.

If you think about the latest new cars, they are packed with technology like radar systems, digital driver displays, cabin environmental management, touchscreen entertainment systems and numerous hi-tech driving aids. The latest new cars (especially high-grade models) are basically computers on wheels and can easily have more 100 microchips.

Semiconductors are also are key component for batteries and power trains in electric powered vehicles. As we see an ever-increasing rise is electrified cars of one form or another this has further added to the demand.

Bosch says the new chips that will be manufactured in Dresden, Germany will incorporate the latest AI technology that should reduce the need for automotive testing/trials.