Paintseal Protection

Published Date: 10th Nov 2014

Paintseal logoUk Car Discount is pleased to be able to offer the Award Winning G-3 Glasscoat from Paintseal Direct for your new car.

Paintseal is one of the best vehicle protection products on the market. Paintseal have a special offer for the new G-3 Glasscoat of just £449 for Uk Car Discount customers, otherwise you would pay £499.

As winner of the Best Paint Protection Product 2012, G-3 Glasscoat is used extensively in the automotive market, with major manufacturers such as Renault, Hyundai, Toyota/Lexus, etc as well as prestigious car dealer groups, such as HR Owen (Bentley/Bugatti) Snows Group and Marshalls Group.


Exterior Protection

G3 Glasscoat vs Untreated

This award winning, world leading G-3Glasscoat is a complex formula of ceramic hardened glass finish that bonds to your vehicle's paint surface. G-3Glasscoat repels liquids and is extremely resilient to all kinds of damage. Damage caused by acid rain, pollution, solvents and road salt are no longer an issue.

G-3Glasscoat possesses an exceptional ability to resist the effects of car washes, solvents, animal and vegetable deposits. In short, G-3Glasscoat is the ultimate in Paint protection for your vehicle.

Gen3 Glasscoat is upto 4 times thicker than existing flouro polymer type protectors, and is 10 times more durable than most other products. This unsurpassable and consistent performance means that only Gen3 Glasscoat comes with a standard 5 year guarantee. 


Interior Protection

Paintseal's fabric protection delivers an unbeatable defence against stains caused by accidental spills and day-to-day grime. Each fibre of the seating area in your new car is treated with a non-allergenic product that (after application) is odourless and invisible. Your car fabrics will look and feel like new, and in the case of an accidental spillage, all that is required is a gentle dabbing of the area with a towel to absorb the spill. Guaranteed stain-free for 5 years!


Gen 3 Glasscoat