New Toyota investment into the UK

Toyota Europe announced that it will invest a further £240 million into Toyota Manufacturing UK (TMUK) plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire. The extra cash flow will bring the competitiveness of the factory up to date and will promote UK based suppliers.

The Toyota plant in Derbyshire recieving new investment

Toyota's UK Burnaston Plant UK

Beginning this year the car plant in Burnaston will receive upgrades upon upgrades with new equipment, technology and systems. This will provide and enable production of new vehicles on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

Part of the investment will come from the UK Government (subject to due diligence) in the form of £21.3 million. The extra funding is going to be used for training staff, research, development and working to reduce the plants overall environmental impact.

Workers at the Toyota Burnaston Plant

Announcing the investment, Dr Johan van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, said:

“We are very focused on securing the global competitiveness of our European plants. The roll-out of TNGA manufacturing capability is part of this plan. This upgrade of TMUK is a sign of confidence in our employees and suppliers and their focus on superior quality and greater efficiency. We welcome the UK Government funding contribution for this activity.”

“Our investment demonstrates that, as a company, we are doing all we can to raise the competitiveness of our Burnaston plant in Derbyshire. Continued tariff-and-barrier free market access between the UK and Europe that is predictable and uncomplicated will be vital for future success.”

Robots Welding Cars at Toyotas Burnaston Plant

Toyota has launched a worldwide initiative to upgrade all its manufacturing sites to produce vehicles on the new TNGA platform. Toyota has set goals to build the majority of new cars on the new architecture by 2020.

TNGA based vehicles already in production include the new fourth generation Prius and the all new CH-R crossover built in Turkey. Both are vehicles that epitomise Toyota’s goal of building better cars for the customer.

Toyota has been manufacturing cars in the UK since 1992 at the Derbyshire based plant. Toyota engines have also been produced in the UK since 1992 over at the engine plant in Deeside, North Wales. Since the start of Production they have built more than four million vehicles and around five million engines and engine sets in the UK.