New Seat Ateca Cupra coming in the future?

Published Date: 29th Aug 2016

The normal Seat Ateca is on sale now and plans for a smaller version for next year are already in motion. A seven seat version is also being considered for the line up but not for a few years later.

The Seat team are considering how to expand the reach of the Cupra brand from just the Ibiza and Leon. With the Ateca set to be the Spanish manufacturer’s best selling model, this could be very opportunity they’ve been waiting for.


The normal five seat Ateca will be most likely out of the three versions to carry the Cupra brand forward, as it will be competing for sales in the most competitive category of the SUV market.

“The fast SUV market is evolving quickly at the premium end, but in the mainstream, there is no real credible contender,” said an insider. “That opens the opportunity for Seat to take leadership and to really differentiate itself from the opposition in the crowded SUV market. An Ateca Cupra could have a very significant halo effect for the rest of the brand.”

Sources have suggested that it could be powered by the same Cupra 290 engine found in the Leon featuring a 2litre petrol with 286bhp, However, the same engine could be used for all wheel drive like what is found in the latest Golf R.

You can expect to find the same Cupra styling as the Leon with more race inspired front and rear bumpers and a rear diffuser to finish of the look.


When can we expect the new Seat Ateca Cupra?

Reports earlier in the year suggested that we could see the cup racing version at this year’s Paris motor show, but the chances of that are now slim to none existent. Seat are concerned that bringing tuned up SUV will distract from the mainstream model as it is so close to the first consumer deliveries of the normal Atecas.

Pre orders and sales have been going so well for the new Ateca that demand is said to be outweighing supply around Europe, so there is no need for a tuned up model to be rushed out just yet. The Seat Ateca Cupra is being pencilled in for a late 2017 release instead. If the new Seat SUV catches your eye, you can view all of our Ateca deals and offers here.