Renault Price Increases Imminent?

New Renault Megane

Could the cost of a new Renault car be on the increase soon? Chief Operating Officer at Renault Carlos Tavares has said that Renault need to sell 75,000 units per year in the UK to be sustainable and he wants to see discounts reduced.

Last year Renault sales figures were approaching 41,000 new cars and 15,000 new vans. The official combined figure was 55,470 units. Dacia models, Renault's budget brand has sold over 5,000 units to May this year.

With Renault seeing it’s market share drop significantly over a ten year period they have been looking at new strategies, an updated model range (dropping Modus, Wind Roadster, Laguna and Espace models in 2012) and some new design ideas.

Some of the quirky styling on new Renault models has been dropped in favour of a more ‘mainstream’ look like the all-new Renault Megane, designed to appeal to a wider audience. Other models were also accused of looking dated and Renault have moved to address this criticism with new improved looks on models like the new 4th Gen Renault Clio. There are also new Captur and Zoe models to help strengthen the line-up.

Further strategies from Renault to ‘streamline’ it’s business include a reduction in dealerships from 190 to 167 outlets and the Laguna and Espace may yet make a return in the UK.

Renault’s Chief Operating Officer Carlos Tavares expects 2013 to be a profitable year...