New Mitsubishi i City Car

Published Date: 9th Mar 2007

The new Mitsubishi ‘i’ city car is due to go on sale in the UK from July 2007.    Already hugely popular in Japan, the car has won several awards and 37,000 of the ‘i’ have been sold there in 2006.

Due to its clever design the ‘i’ minicar is surprisingly spacious inside and has a high specification – it comes with climate control, electric windows, ESP and dual airbags.  

A tiny 64bhp 660cc turbo engine that is located below the rear seats powers the new ‘i’.   It will do 0-50 in 11.2 seconds and can reach around 90mph.    The ‘i’ city car produces under 120g of CO2 and comes within the low B band for emissions.

Initially only 300 models will be on sale in the UK with a price of  £8,995.

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