New Mazda MX-5 To Feature DSR

The cheap new Mazda MX-5 will feature the new Mazda Digital Service Record (DSR), according to an announcement from the manufacturer.

Mazda claims that the system will provide more detailed service records for new MX-5 owners and in the long-term save them money.

"DSR is a leading-edge service documentation process that will see an end to lost service booklets or missing details. Now a complete digital service history of each car is held at a central, secure location.

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"This means greater convenience for the customer, greater efficiency from the repairer and peace of mind for current and potential future owners," explained Jorgen Olesen, vice president for customer service and logistics at Mazda Motor Europe.

DSR is currently available on the new MX-5 and Europe-wide on the cheap new Mazda5 MPV. The firm hopes to offer the feature on all new Mazdas as they go on sale.