New Ford Technology

Published Date: 23rd Mar 2007

Ford is currently working on various innovative designs to improve driving safety including new technology to improve visibility in the ‘blind spot’.

When a driver wishes to change lanes, the blind spot detector would use radar to warn the driver when a vehicle is in their blind spot. A sensor would be able to detect disruptions to the earth’s magnetic field. Ford believe this technology can be produced at a reasonable price so that it can be fitted to their cars, emitting an audible warning when another vehicle is in the blind spot.

Other safety features Ford is currently working on are-

- A camera to improve visibility when a driver is reversing under varying lighting conditions

- A radar and vision system which lets the vehicle ‘see’ potential traffic problems, then warn the driver

- Enhanced passenger visibility to help alert the driver to cyclists and pedestrians

- A NightEye vision low-light camera, to warn the driver about potential threats that can’t be seen by the naked eye

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