New Ford Mondeo WIns Auto Express Awards

Published Date: 30th Aug 2007

Auto Express road testers recognised that the Ford Mondeo represents a new breed of family car and in addition to the Car of the Year award, Mondeo also captured the categories of Best Family Car and Best Estate Car.

Editor in Chief of Auto Express, David Johns, commented ‘The Ford Mondeo delivers effortlessly, performing with aplomb everywhere. It steers beautifully, rides with a composure and smoothness that’s absent from even the best German executive cars, handles tautly and has a great range of engines. It’s also vast inside, beats its rivals for quality, is clearly laid out with great refinement and comfort levels to take the sting out of everyday driving’.

Auto Express places the Ford Mondeo straight at the top of its class as Best Family Car. Ford’s family favourite was praised for its new look, bigger cabin and its even more polished driving experience. Its exterior appearance was considered to be striking without being controversial and that it was packed with clever details that emphasised its solidity.

Auto Express also voted the Ford Mondeo as Best Estate Car. According to Auto Express, Ford had managed to launch not only a brilliant hatchback with Mondeo but it had also performed a remarkable achievement by developing a class-leading estate version.

David Jones commented ‘Although Ford made public its intentions to make the Mondeo an object of desire, its designers didn’t fall into the trap of putting the Ford Mondeo feels like a car which is designed to work for a living’.

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