New Details on the London Toxicity Charge

Published Date: 6th Jul 2016

Alongside the current congestion charge the city of London are looking into ways of reducing the high levels of air pollution.

A new £10 emissions charge for every motorist driving into London has been confirmed by the city of London.  This new T-charge will apply to all vehicles, including diesel and petrol engines with pre Euro 4 emission standards. This covers almost all cars registered before 2005.

This new toxicity levy charge will be introduced on top of the current city of London congestion charge of £11.50. The city’s plans to further reduce emissions throughout the area also include expanding the central London Ultra Low Emissions Zone. Plans are already in the pipeline to bring in ultra low emission double decker buses sooner than originally quoted.


They’re also looking at bringing in the Ultra Low Emission zone a year earlier than first proposed, 2019 instead of 2020. Then expand it further from 2020 to the North and South Circular.

The air pollution inside Britain’s capital city has been a key issue for many years and with nearly 10,000 people dying early every year due to the exposure, it is now a matter of life and death. The double charge for high emission vehicles is justifiable in relation to the tough challenge London faces to control it.

We have a Congestion charge, Ultra Low Emission Zone, Toxicity charge and the next step London wants is to roll out across Britain is a scrappage scheme for the most polluting diesel engine cars. Transport for London is currently investigating costs and the implications regarding another national scrappage scheme to help reduce to air pollution not only in London but the rest of the country, for the future generations.