New Car Paint Protection from Paintseal uk

Published Date: 5th Apr 2023

Protect Your New Car Investment with Paintseal Direct's Paint and Fabric Protection Systems

Image of a Paintseal Direct VanCongratulations on your new car purchase! You've invested significant money, time, and effort in finding the perfect vehicle. Now, it's time to protect that investment with Paintseal Direct's world-class Paint and Fabric Protection systems.

Paintseal Direct, a trusted name in the protection industry, has expanded into the new car market with its Teflon and Gen-3 Glasscoat options. These systems provide exceptional protection for your new car's exterior paint surface and interior fabric, guaranteeing your investment for a full 5 years.




Paint Protection Teflon, a high gloss, durable, and transparent PTFE sealant, is professionally applied to seal and protect your car's paintwork against road grime, acid rain, and UVA and UVB sun damage. No more waxing and polishing is required; wash your vehicle regularly for a glossy showroom finish time after time.

Paint Protection Gen-3 Glasscoat is your new car's ultimate paint and fabric protection. This world-leading, ceramic-hardened glass finish bonds to your new car's paint surface and repels liquids while resisting damage caused by acid rain, pollution, solvents, and road salt. It's four times thicker than existing fluoropolymer-type protectors and ten times more durable than most other products.

Paintseal's fabric protection is an unbeatable defence against stains caused by accidental spills and daily grime. Each fibre of the seating area in your new car is treated with a non-allergenic product that is odourless and invisible. Your car fabrics will look and feel like new, and in the case of an accidental spillage, all that is required is a gentle dabbing of the area with a towel to absorb the spill.

Image of a Car being Cleaned and DetailedAlloy wheels protected with Paintseal Direct Paint Sealant are safeguarded from the build-up of road grime, brake dust, and road salt. With your new car paintwork and wheels protected from new, you'll be surprised at how easy your wheels are to clean using the same shampoo you would wash your vehicle.

All Paintseal Direct aftercare products have been specially formulated to aid the cleaning process and do not harm Paintseal Direct's protective coatings. Products include Vehicle Wash, Glass Cleaner, Dry Clean (waterless vehicle wash), Bird Lime and Insect Remover, Fabric Cleaner, and Leather Cleaner/Preserver.

Paintseal is the UK's leading car protection product, and now new car buyers can get a £50 discount on the Teflon package or Gen-3 Glasscoat package when they order through UK Car Discount Ltd.




The Teflon package is normally £449, but now only £399. This includes a professional application of Paintseal to the exterior of your car, which will protect your paintwork from scratches, swirl marks, and other damage.

The Gen-3 Glasscoat package is normally £549, but now only £499. This includes a professional application of Paintseal to the interior and exterior of your car, as well as the wheels. This will protect your car from all sorts of damage, including scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings, and UV rays.

To take advantage of this offer, simply order Paintseal through UK Car Discount Ltd and mention the code "NEWCAR" at checkout. You'll pay them directly once they have applied the product, and you are entirely happy.

This offer is only available for a limited time following the delivery of your new car, so don't miss out! Order your Paintseal today and protect your new car from damage.


  • Protect your new car investment with Paintseal Direct's world-class paint and fabric protection systems.
  • Choose between Teflon and Gen-3 Glasscoat for outstanding exterior paint and interior fabric protection.
  • Enjoy a showroom finish without the need for waxing or polishing, guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Keep your alloy wheels looking new and prevent damage from road grime, brake dust, and salt with Paintseal Direct's alloy wheel protection.
  • Order today through UK Car Discount Ltd and receive a £50 discount on the cost of the product.


Don't wait until your new car is damaged beyond repair. Call UK Car Discount now on 0161 946 3500 to book your discounted price, or visit to learn more. Protect your investment today!