New Car Maintenance UK - Essential Fluids

Published Date: 20th Mar 2024

Lady Checking the Oil Level on her CarYou've just joined thousands of new car buyers and received your shiny new car from uk car discount – a pristine, unblemished vision of kinetic potential. The new car smell is still in the air, but what about the less fragrant yet crucial elements beneath the bonnet? Yes, we're talking about the unassuming yet power-critical fluids your vehicle relies on. This guide aims to usher you through the often-overlooked yet essential quarterly ritual of fluid maintenance, helping you ensure that your automotive companion stays in optimal condition.


Understanding the Pulse of Your Vehicle: Key Fluids


Just as the human body needs diverse fluids to function effectively, your vehicle depends on a symphony of motor concoctions to operate smoothly. Each fluid plays a crucial role in overall performance, from the essential oil that keeps the engine well-lubricated to the coolant that ensures the optimal temperature within the steel behemoth. Neglecting any of these fluids could lead to potential engine issues, emphasising the importance of proper fluid maintenance for your vehicle's longevity and efficiency.


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Engine Oil – The Unsung Hero


New Car Oil ChangeThink of engine oil as the silent sentinel safeguarding your car's beating heart. It ensures the engine's mechanical components glide smoothly without grinding each other into metal shards. Regular checks are necessary, and replenishing this liquid gold is a straightforward process every car owner should master.


  • Locate the dipstick, often accented with a bright hue or easily accessible handle in the engine bay.
  • After the car has been off for a few minutes to allow the oil to settle, withdraw the dipstick and wipe it clean.
  • Re-insert the dipstick completely, then pull it out again to examine the oil level. The quantity should be between the 'minimum' and 'maximum' marks.
  • Add oil slowly to avoid overfilling, check the level after each pour, and ensure it does not exceed the 'maximum' mark.


Engine Coolant – Stay Cool


The engine often runs hot—very hot. Coolant prevents the engine from becoming a molten mess and keeps temperatures regulated even under duress. It's typically a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water, responsible for saving the engine from scorching summers and frosty winters.


  • Locate the coolant reservoir, a plastic container with 'max' and 'min' levels when the engine is cold.
  • Unscrew the reservoir cap slowly to release any pressure, and always use a rag to prevent spilling.
  • Top up with the recommended coolant to the 'max' line, checking the level regularly to ensure a healthy engine temperature.


Brake Fluid – The Hydraulic Crusader


Lady topping up Car Engine OilBrake fluid could be the difference between a close call and a calamity. Your car's hydraulic system is the unyielding force behind stopping that two-ton metal bullet, so keeping it at an optimum level is non-negotiable for safe driving. The brake fluid master cylinder, usually found under the bonnet, has a transparent reservoir so you can check the level at a glance.


  • Top up with the correct brake fluid type to the 'max' level indicated on the cylinder.
  • Avoid mixing different brake fluid types — use the one recommended in your vehicle manual. 


Power Steering Fluid – The Muscular Companion


Is your steering wheel feeling particularly heavy? Perhaps your power steering fluid is trying to signal you. It's responsible for making those turns smoother and lighter on your arms, so if you feel resistance, check it.


  • Locate the power steering fluid reservoir, usually adjacent to the power steering pump, with a 'max' line to guide your top-up.
  • Proceed with replenishment using the manufacturer's recommended power steering fluid and monitor for leaks, which could indicate a bigger issue.


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Windscreen Washer Fluid – The Clarity Champion


Lady Cleaning a Car WindscreenVisibility is the builder of safety on the roads. The humble windscreen washer fluid keeps your vision clear through winter sludge and summer dust, ensuring your eyes are always on the road without the need for a dash to the nearest petrol station or supermarket.


  • Find the easily accessible, unpressurized washer fluid reservoir with its distinctive windscreen symbol.
  • Unscrew the cap and pour in your chosen windshield washer fluid, completing this task easily and conveniently.


The Road Doesn't End Here


Your responsibility as a new car owner extends to more than just filling up your tank. Regular fluid maintenance is an uncomplicated yet indispensable part of keeping your new car in top shape. Each fluid is a cog in the larger automotive machine, and negligence in upkeep could lead to a breakdown of the entire system.

Your car's hydraulic system is the unyielding force behind stopping that two-ton metal bullet, so keeping it at an optimum level is non-negotiable for safe driving.

Whether you're a first-time new car owner or a seasoned driver, these maintenance tips are the gateway to a symbiotic relationship with your vehicle. Remember, the fluids are your car's lifeline; treat them with the attention they deserve, and they'll keep your wheels turning on the open road, mile after mile, without missing a heartbeat.



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