New Car Insurance For Greener Vehicles

Published Date: 22nd May 2006

A new car insurance policy has been launched for vehicles that run on environmentally-friendly fuel.

The insurer announced today that it will cut down premiums for existing hybrid drivers and offer a discount for new customers who own hybrid cars.

Keith Maxwell, head of motor insurance at More Than, commented: "Green motoring is going to be a massive growth area for the car industry as petrol prices continue to rise and concern over global warming grows.

More Than's research found that around 70 per cent of drivers would turn to hybrid cars if they proved less expensive than normal cars, with over half switching if they had cheaper car insurance premiums.

The news highlights the fact that is has been a bumper year for hybrid car drivers so far, with a recent announcement from the budget stating that car taxes on hybrid cars will be reduced.

They will also be exempt from London's congestion charges, adding further financial incentives for motorists to take the green option.

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