BMW 4 Series Shows Off Sci-Fi Like Head-Up Display

The latest new BMW 4 series car is equipped with all the latest cutting-edge safety features that frankly wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction film, some of the features really are that breathtaking. 

Perhaps the most sci-fi like feature is BMW’s head-up display which projects information onto the car windscreen in direct line of sight enabling drivers to concentrate completely on the road without being distracted. 

The head-up is a full colour, high resolution display that automatically adjusts it’s brightness to suit external lighting conditions, however the display can still be be adjusted manually to the drivers personal needs. 

The head-up system can show the satellite navigation information such as directions and turns, speed limits and notifying you of no-overtaking zones. You can also use the head-up display to show information from the infotainment system, for example the radio station information, music track information for CD/MP3/music streaming, you can even view phone book entries and call lists on the display.

The BMW 4 Series also benefits from a number of other leading technologies, it’s equipped with state of the art camera systems; Park Distance Control, Surround-view and a Reversing Assist camera.

Park Distance Control (PDC) at the front and rear of the car as standard allows helps the driver  park safely and comfortably thanks to on-screen display and audio warnings. Surround-view shows the vehicle in the Control Display with the aid of a projection from above. The optional Side-view system helps give a better overview when visibility is poor at road exits. The Reversing Assist camera provides similar support for the driver with visual and audio support when reversing at speeds of 12mph or less.

The active cruise control with stop and go technology is particularly useful in heavy traffic, the system monitors the traffic ahead of you and keeps a pre-set distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If the car in front accelerates on slows down the car will respond and more importantly if the vehicle in front comes to an abrupt halt the system kicks in with immediate visual and audio warnings.

Dynamic safety provides a number of features that firstly help reduce the risk of serious injury in the case of a accident and it can also react to erratic driving that might be an indicator of a fatigued driver, the system is capable of bringing the car to a complete halt, automatically closing windows and audio messages can suggest a break when it detects a tired driver.

The BMW is packed with gadgets and technology and should really please those who addicted to their gadgets but moreover you’ll be driving an extremely safe car that offers a host of driver assistance technology. Other features include a glare-free high-beam assistant and iDrive touch.