New 2018 GOLF R Performance Pack Details

Published Date: 10th Aug 2017

New 2018 Golf R Front view on a race track

Do you want to upgrade the brakes, exhaust and tyres of your new hot hatch? New Volkswagen Golf R customers are now being offered the opportunity with a factory fit performance pack.

The new Factory option will be available with all new 3 and 5 door hatch models and also include the estate version. The overall focus of the new pack is to improve the already fast Golf into a faster Golf around the track.

What's included in the new Golf R performance pack?

The new brake system reduces the overall weight by 2kg, how? The use of aluminium brake carriers and brackets. The upgrades will also bring a much sharper brake force and the brake pad material used is more in-line with real track cars, resilient to the extra heat produced when braking for the next corner. You’ll be able to tell which cars have the performance pack with silver brake calipers bearing the R logo.

The new Exhaust system sheds another 7kg from the mass, simply by using an all titanium system compared to the heavy steel on the standard factory issue. Also the new system is also developed by Akrapovic, a well established supplier of racing exhaust systems to teams across all disciplines of track racing including Moto GP. Akrapovic have made the new system less restrictive to the gas flow creating a different racing exhaust note.

New 2018 Golf R Front view on a race track

There’s no confirmed tyre size yet for the proposed semi slick tyres providing the extra grip but expect a top brand and specification announced soon. The standard VW Golf R sits on Pirelli P Zero tyres with 18 inch alloys.

The pack brings no change to the power under the bonnet turning all four wheels, producing 280lb ft of torque and 306bhp from a turbocharged 2 litre. Pricing and an official release date is yet to be confirmed for the Performance Pack.