New 2014 Ford Fiesta Zetec S Gets Power Boost

Ford could be giving the new 2014 Fiesta Zetec S a power boost converting it into a supermini warm hatch. The power upgrade is intended to bridge the gap in the Fiesta range between the standard models and the sporty Fiesta ST range which boasts a power output of 179bhp from its four-cylinder turbocharged 1.6 litre engine.

The new Zetec S will output 138bhp and improvement of 15bhp on its predecessor thanks to an improved 1.0  three cylinder ecoboost engine. The performance improvements will put the Zetec S on a par with other sporty superminis, like the 134bhp Suzuki Swift Sport and  the 133bhp Renaultsport Twingo 133. The new Fiesta Zetec S will keep the subtle bodykit of the current car, offering semi-hot hatch styling on a budget. 

Both Ford Fiesta Zetec S and the ST models feature a six-speed manual transmission only.

Prices of the new Fiesta Zetec S are expected to remain close to the current car's price. The Fiesta ST is a more expensive but still a reasonable price for a hothatch.

Insurance will also be cheaper if you opt for the Zetec S. The Fiesta ST is expected to sit in group 23-24E while the new Zetetc S would be closer to the current model's group 15E.

It’s thought Ford are evaluating potential sales of the proposed new Ford Fiesta Zetec S before confirming production.