Motorway signs to indicate electric charging points

Published Date: 2nd Feb 2016

The Motorway service station signs across the UK will be changed to include an energy company logo for the very first time. This will help the driver of the ever growing electric car market see clearly where they can get some juice along their journey.

At the moment there is a basic car and three pin plug symbol in use. An extended partnership between Roadchef and Ecotricity will see the company’s logo introduced to the larger blue road signs ahead of the station. These are the signs that usually show the restaurants, facilities and shops included at the services.

The first of the new roadside signs appeared at Sedgemoor services on the M5 at the end of January with signs at Hamilton on the M47 and Norton Canes on the M6 toll soon to follow along with all the rest of the Roadchef sites within months  

Ecotricity, a green energy firm, draws most of its electricity from renewable sources and has installed up to 260 electric charging stations on what it calls the electric highway or the UK motorway network as known to you and me.

The green company are now looking to expand its network further and strike up deals with other franchised service stations.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity and the Electric Highway, said: “We launched the Electric Highway in 2011 to kick start the electric car revolution in Britain, and we can see that’s well and truly under way now.

“There are now over 50,000 electric cars in Britain; that’s more than a tenfold increase in two years, and this exponential growth is reflected in the use of the Electric Highway, which powered 15 million miles of emission free driving last year – all powered from the wind and the sun.”