Mercedes open pop up shop in Major Shopping Centre

Published Date: 16th Jul 2015

mercedes shop

Mercedes have taken a new direction by opening a brand new pop up store in a shopping Centre in Birmingham. The Bull Ring Shopping centre features an iconic bull statue outside and is usually welcoming customers to typical retail outlets like, Debenhams, Super dry, Hollister etc.  And now a Mercedes shops has opened to generate leads for the surrounding dealerships around the Midlands area.

The Shop has welcomed more than 45 thousand customers and from this, they have generated over 450 leads – Name, Address, email and what car they are interested in. The conversion rate works out at about 1%, which was hailed as a success by Mercedes Retail.

mercedes-benz shop

Birmingham Central general manager Adam McCullagh explained: “The benefits of doing business more on customers’ terms in a more relaxed environment were clear. Using iPads, talking beside the cars and deciding not to have desks in the shop made the conversations much more effective. We will be taking these learnings back to the showrooms to influence the way we do business.”

“Considering we were given the offer of the shop unit on a Friday, accepted on the Monday and were in six days later during the May bank holiday, shoppers loved the concept. They didn’t expect to see it and said we should be a permanent presence.”

A spokesperson for Mercedes mentioned further potential use of pop-up shops: “This was an opportunistic and first step towards offering an alternative experience of the brand, in addition to that offered by our network. We’re not yet putting this into a formal programme, however.”

mercedes boutique