Honda CR-V 2013

Published Date: 8th Nov 2012

The new 2013 British built Honda CR-V is produced in Swindon and Honda claims it will be the most car like SUV produced to date.

The latest incarnation (fourth generation) of the much loved Honda CR-V is slightly longer than the old model (3 cm) and the roofline is almost 4cm lower to help with the aerodynamic performance and the build quality is superb.

Inside the CR-V is all about style and comfort with redesigned interior to provide the driver with the perfect balance of driver information, storage space and luxury.

The CRV is offered in two engines, a 2.0 Petrol and a 2.2 Diesel both are four pot, single cam and as well as the usual Manual vehicles there is an automatic transmission available to add to the feeling of lazy luxury that some drivers crave.

Its clear the boffins at Honda have taken their usual painstaking meticulous approach to produce a vehicle that looks attractive, drives well and provides the Honda signature feel of quality.

Honda have rather helpfully detailed the advancements for customers, so for a quick look at what Honda say about the 2013 Honda CR-V see below:


New Diesel Engines

“We love engines. That’s why we build so many. It’s why we created the i–DTEC engine – a cleaner, more powerful diesel engine.

The i–DTEC uses a revolutionary casting method to produce one of the quietest, most refined diesels around. In fact, with its increased torque, high responsiveness and enhanced acceleration, you probably won’t even notice it’s a diesel.

Our 2.2 litre i–DTEC diesel engine is now available on all 2010 CR–V models. The new engine can be paired with either a manual transmission or a 5–speed automatic gearbox, depending on your personal preference”.



“To achieve crisper responses for the driver, we lowered the CR–V’s centre of gravity. And this, along with the striking alloy wheels and wider stance, give the CR–V an agility that’s usually only found in ‘normal’ cars.

The CR–V truly gives you the best of both worlds. It has the security of a high-driving position and 4WD, as you’d expect in a SUV. And there’s no compromising when it comes to space and practicality. But its stability and road handling provide a more saloon-like ride”.  



“Everything inside the CR–V has been thought about extensively – every stitch, curve, pocket and surface.

We’ve analysed the way people drive and looked to create an interior that gives you plenty of space, from the positions of the gear shift and handbrake, to the fully adjustable steering column. You’ll also notice less sound around the engine and cabin when you’re on the move, due to our innovative sound-deadening technology. So you can enjoy a quieter, more relaxing drive.

Outside you’ll notice the distinctive looks of the CR–V. We’ve added stylish bumpers and grille – fully colour coded if you choose the EX grade – plus newly-designed alloy wheels”. 


Versatile Space

The CR-V offers comfortable seating for up to five adults. The rear seats can be gently reclined back to create extra leg room, and the EX model comes complete with heated leather seats too.

And that’s not all. The CR-V’s interior has been specially designed for extra flexibility when it comes to storing your luggage. Using our One Motion mechanism, each of the rear seats folds down independently to create a completely flat floor area and open up even more boot space.

The double deck luggage area enables you to organise items in the boot and provides easier access to them. The second tier shelf sits 330 millimeters above the load floor, allowing you to hide valuables underneath, or stow fragile items”.


 Advanced Safety Features

“The Collision Mitigation Braking system is designed to reduce driver response times by using a radar transmitter that detects when a front collision is imminent.

CMBS gives visual and audio warnings to the driver to take preventative action and can initiate braking”.


Alternative vehicles to the Honda CR-V are the new Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai IX35 and the new Toyota Rav 4.

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