Free Roadside and Breakdown Cover Compared

If you’re buying a new car you may think Roadside Assistance is a minor consideration as you don’t expect the car to breakdown. A large portion of call-outs are for mechanical failure and flat batteries, neither of which you’d expect with your brand spanking new car, however you should always make sure you have this base covered in the event of the worst-case scenario.

Vehilce Being RecoveredWhen purchasing your new car always make sure you are aware if Roadside Assistance is provided and make sure you know exactly to what extent you are covered. The last you need is nasty surprise and possibly a big bill in the unfortunate event you need assistance only to find your cover isn’t as extensive as you thought ....

If you are taking out your own roadside Assistance, providers include household names like Britain’s largest provider the AA, and other well-known names like the RAC and Green Flag. Other names like Britannia Rescue and GEM Motoring have both been building up a fantastic reputation with their customers.

Here are some of the current roadside assistance services offered by Car Manufacturers when you buy a new car:

Audi Roadside Assistance For New & Used Cars In Partnership With The AA

Audi offer 3 years complimentary round-the-clock roadside assistance in conjunction with the AA. They also offer a complimentary year of roadside assistance for used Audi vehicles purchased from approved dealers. More info ....

BMW Emergency Services For New & Approved Used BMW Cars

New BMW vehicles purchased from approved dealers come with 3-years roadside assistance and approved used cars get 1 years cover with all required repairs carried out at approved BMW Bodyshops and repair centres.

Citroen Breakdown Cover

Citroen offer 12 months breakdown cover with the purchase of a new Citroen approved car. Cover includes roadside assistance and recovery across Europe. More details here ….

Fiat Roadside Assistance

Fiat offer 1-year free roadside assistance and recovery,  free cover can be extended by ensuring the vehicle has its scheduled services at authorised FIAT Centres.

Ford Roadside Assistance With Scheduled Services

Ford offer UK and European Roadside Assistance if your scheduled services are done at an official Ford Dealer. You should speak to your local Ford Service centre to check they are a participating branch. Cover is valid for 12 months from your last service or until your next service is due.

24-hour assistance is on-call for roadside help as well as cover at your home, other benefits include a replacement vehicle, transport or overnight accommodation should it be required …. You can read the full details and see participating Ford Branches here ….

Hyundai Roadside Assitance

Hyundai offer12 months free roadside assistance with new vehicles, you can extend the 12 months free service by ensuring your vehicle has scheduled services at authorised Hyundai Service Centres. More info here ….

Nissan 3-Years Roadside Cover

Nissan offer a generous 3-years UK and European roadside cover with every new car. The service includes roadside assistance, recovery and if necessary, a replacement vehicle or accommodation. The cover is vehicle based so anyone legally driving the car with the owner’s permission is covered. More info ….

Peugeot Roadside Cover In Partnership With The RAC

Peugeot offer 12 months roadside recovery and assistance in partnership with The RAC. The service covers the UK and Europe. More info ….

Renault 3-Years Roadside Cover

All new Renaults get three years free roadside assistance that covers the UK and Europe. The service includes home, roadside, recovery and a replacement vehicle. More info here ….

SEAT Roadside Assistance

SEAT offer 2 years free cover with every new car. The service covers home, roadside assistance and recovery. View more details here ….

Skoda 3-Years Breakdown Cover & Roadside Assistance

Skoda offer 3-years free breakdown cover and roadside assistance. More details here ….

Toyota Euro Care Cover

Toyota offers 3-years ‘Euro Care’ roadside assistance and breakdown recovery, as the name suggests you are covered across Europe.  The service also includes a replacement car and accommodation where applicable. More info here ….

Vauxhall Roadside Cover

Vauxhall offer 1-year roadside assistance in partnership with The RAC, cover is vehicle based meaning anyone legally driving the vehicle is covered.  More info here ….

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance & Breakdown Recovery In Partnership With The AA

Volkswagen offer free 1-year UK and Europe roadside assistance & recovery in partnership with the AA, free cover is extended to 3 years on selected models.  24-7 cover includes roadside assistance, breakdown recovery and a replacement vehicle for up to 48 hours. You can read more details here …

Volvo Roadside Cover For The Duration Of Your Warranty

Volvo offer free roadside assistance and breakdown recovery with new vehicles for the duration of the warranty. Read more here ….

If you a buying a new or used approved vehicle always be sure to enquire about roadside assistance and breakdown cover & make sure you have all the essentials covered; home call-outs, roadside assistance, recovery and a replacement vehicle all essential.