Ford EcoMode - Fuel-Saving Technology

Published Date: 22nd May 2023

Image of a Green Fuel Economy Petrol PumpFord EcoMode is a fuel-saving technology available on select Ford vehicles, designed to help drivers improve their fuel economy and reduce costs. By monitoring various aspects of your driving behaviour, EcoMode provides real-time suggestions and feedback to promote fuel-efficient habits.

To benefit from EcoMode, activate the EcoMode button on your dashboard. Once activated, it remains active until manually turned off. Additionally, EcoMode can be controlled using the MyKey feature, which offers parental controls for the vehicle.

The system employs an array of sensors to monitor your driving behaviour, including speed, gear shifting, braking patterns, and anticipation levels. Using this information, EcoMode calculates your fuel economy and offers suggestions on how to enhance it.

The Ford EcoMode system utilizes the vehicle's trip computer to monitor various parameters, including speed, RPM, engine torque, engine temperature, clutch position, gear lever position, accelerator input, and the frequency of short trips made with a cold engine. This comprehensive data is relayed to the driver through the dashboard displays, which employ a rating system represented by three flower icons. Each flower icon consists of five petals, and as the driver adopts a more fuel-efficient driving style, more petals light up, indicating improved fuel economy.




According to Ford's estimates, drivers can achieve significant fuel savings of approximately 5 per cent by simply adjusting their driving habits with the assistance of the EcoMode system. This means that drivers can retain more money in their pockets rather than spending it at the petrol station.

Image of a Man stood in front of a CarThe Ford EcoMode system combines advanced monitoring capabilities with intuitive visual feedback to encourage drivers to optimize their fuel efficiency. By leveraging this technology, drivers can actively reduce fuel consumption, resulting in tangible cost savings and a positive environmental impact.

EcoMode suggests a few simple driving habits that can save you fuel, such as accelerating gradually, coasting to a stop instead of hitting the brakes too hard, shifting to a higher gear whenever possible, and turning off your engine if idle for more than a few minutes. By following these recommendations, drivers can substantially boost their fuel efficiency.

In addition to providing suggestions, EcoMode also offers feedback on your driving habits, allowing you to observe the impact of your choices on fuel economy. It features indicators such as a fuel economy meter and a driving style indicator, enabling you to monitor your progress and adjust accordingly. This feedback empowers drivers to develop better habits and maximize their fuel-saving potential, ultimately saving money on fuel costs.

Ford EcoMode's simplicity and effectiveness make it an excellent starting point for reducing fuel expenses. By adopting fuel-efficient driving techniques and taking advantage of the system's guidance, drivers can experience notable savings at the pump.

Whether activated through the dashboard's EcoMode button or the MyKey feature, EcoMode remains a versatile and user-friendly tool for fuel conservation. This flexibility ensures drivers can easily control and customize their driving experience to suit their needs and preferences.


Here are some additional details about how Ford EcoMode works:


  • EcoMode uses various sensors to monitor your driving behaviour, including speed, gear shifting, braking, and anticipation levels.
  • EcoMode uses this information to calculate your fuel economy and suggests ways to improve it.
  • EcoMode provides feedback on your driving behaviour through various indicators, including a fuel economy meter and a driving style indicator.
  • EcoMode can be turned on and off using your dashboard's EcoMode button or the MyKey feature.


In conclusion, for New Car Buyers seeking an economical driving experience that saves money while benefiting the environment, choosing a new Ford equipped with the EcoMode system is an intelligent choice. By actively monitoring driving behaviour and providing real-time suggestions, EcoMode empowers drivers to adopt fuel-saving habits that result in significant cost savings. The system's simplicity and user-friendly interface make it accessible, allowing drivers to optimize their fuel economy effortlessly. With features like gradual acceleration, coasting to stops, utilizing higher gears, and engine auto-stop during extended halts, EcoMode guides drivers towards a more sustainable driving style that reduces fuel consumption. By choosing a Ford vehicle with EcoMode, drivers can enjoy the dual benefits of substantial savings on fuel costs and reduced environmental impact. So, for a more economical and eco-friendly driving experience, look no further than a new Ford with the EcoMode system – the perfect combination of efficiency, affordability, and environmental responsibility.


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