Find Your Ideal 73 Plate Car at UK Car Discount

Published Date: 23rd May 2023

Find Your Ideal 73 Plate Car at UK Car Discount


Image of a 73 Registration Plate


The New 73 registration plate is now available to order from UK Car Discount! We offer fantastic discounts on many brand-new cars from the most prominent car brands. Our online buying experience is designed with your convenience in mind. It's hassle-free and effortless, allowing you to find precisely what you need at competitive prices. Whether you're after your dream car or simply seeking an upgrade, our platform makes it a seamless and affordable experience. We guarantee you'll be impressed by our exceptional customer service and unbeatable deals. Upgrade your ride today with UK Car Discount!


How to Buy a New Car with UK Car Discount


Step 1: Register on our website


Registering on the UKCD website will allow you to save cars you have searched and configured so that you can review saved vehicles later without hassle.


Image of a Customer Shopping OnlineStep 2: Use our New Car Search facility


Use our New Car Search facility to identify the brand, price range and other specifications of the new car you are interested in. Save the details once you are satisfied with your choices.


Step 3: Contact one of our sales advisors


Contact one of our sales advisors at 0161 946 3500 to discuss your preferred make, model, and colour choice of the new car. We will contact the dealer or manufacturer for an estimated delivery date for your new vehicle.


Search for your New 73 Registration Car


Step 4: Place your order


Once you are happy with the discounted price and ready to order, we will need confirmation of your contact details and a reservation fee of £1,000. If you wish to consider our finance plans, we will gather the necessary information for application and lender approval.


Image of a Customer Service Centre LadyStep 5: Receive your order confirmation


Upon receipt of your car order, we will send you written confirmation and a receipt for the payment and vehicle details. You must review the written order carefully to ensure the vehicle and registration details are processed accurately.


Step 6: Wait for your car to be delivered


As your vehicle leaves the manufacturer, it will be allocated to a franchise dealer for a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection and valet. At this point, we will outline the delivery date. Once the vehicle is allocated a registration number, we will contact you to arrange delivery.


Step 7: Inspect and accept your car


The vehicle will be registered, taxed, and delivered to you by the processing dealer as part of your on-the-road price. When the car arrives, please inspect and ensure it matches your order. Once you are satisfied, a simple call to our delivery department to confirm your satisfaction is all that's needed, and we will guide you through the final steps.


Step 8: Pay for your car


We differ from other dealers because we only require final payment once your new car is delivered to your doorstep. Payment for your new car is only required once you've received and happily inspected it.


Image of an Invoice and CalculatorStep 9: Receive your final invoice


After speaking with our delivery team, they will promptly notify accounts to confirm your payment and send you the final invoice. The VAT receipt will indicate full payment, and the vehicle title will be transferred to you. 


We trust this guide has been informative. If you require further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Discover your new 73 Registration Car today!


Take advantage of your brand-new vehicle's latest 73 registration plates with UK Car Discount. Our user-friendly website, hand-picked premium models and affordable prices guarantee the perfect choice for you. With us, transparency is key at every step, leaving you with total clarity and confidence. 


Don't hesitate to find the best fit for you today and enjoy exclusive online discounts!


Furthermore, buying a new car online with UK Car Discount has several benefits. Let's explore them:


Image of Customers ChattingExcellent Prices: We pride ourselves on offering some of the best prices in the market. With our strong relationships with Franchise dealer groups and buying power, we secure significant discounts on a wide range of vehicles. Save thousands of pounds on your next new car purchase by choosing UK Car Discount.


Full Manufacturer Warranty: Concerned about your car's warranty coverage? When you purchase a brand-new car through us, be assured that it comes with a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. Any manufacturer-authorised service centres will handle any maintenance or warranty repairs, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Secure Payment: Here at UK Car Discount, we understand the importance of secure transactions. That's why we provide you with secure payment options upon delivery. We will only ask for final payment once you've received your new vehicle, checked it to your satisfaction, and only when it's sitting comfortably on your driveway. Rest assured, your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities when making a purchase with us.


Find your New 73 Registration Car today!


Quality and Safety: We prioritise your safety and ensure all vehicles meet stringent safety standards. When your car arrives at your driveway, it will have undergone a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection and valet by a franchise dealer. This meticulous process ensures your vehicle is in top condition and ready for enjoyment.


Convenience and Time-Saving: Buying a new car online with UK Car Discount saves you valuable time and effort. You can search and configure your desired car from the comfort of your home, compare different models, and access detailed specifications and pricing information. Our user-friendly website and dedicated sales advisors are available to assist you throughout the buying process, making it a hassle-free experience.


Take the opportunity to lay your hands on a sparkling-new car with a 73 registration plate! Take action now to secure the finest deals and timely delivery in September. Visit our website, sign up, and browse the extensive list of vehicles. Be assured! Our team is at your service to resolve any questions or issues that may arise.

Experience the convenience, savings, and quality of buying a new car online with UK Car Discount. Don't wait - make your dream car a reality today!


Unlock amazing new car deals at UK Car Discount today!


Our team of experts is readily available to offer comprehensive advice on your chosen vehicle, allowing you to make your decision confidently.


Call us today at 0161 946 3500 to discuss how we can guide you with your next Next New Car.


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