DVLA Scam Email and SMS Messages Warning

Published Date: 27th May 2021

There are fresh warnings about a spate of scam emails and SMS messages claiming to be from the DVLA. The fake messages often have the heading ‘DVLA Final Notice’ and additional text that may read something like ‘We have been trying to get in touch with you’.

DVLA fake message on laptop screen

The fake messages claiming to be from DVLA, tell the user that their road tax is overdue/has expired and usually contain a link to a fake website. The scam uses a common practise of a URL (website address) that at first glance looks genuine, typically containing the word ‘gov’ (it has been widely reported fake website addresses ending in gov.uk have been used).

Once the user clicks on the link, they will more than likely be directed to a fake website that looks remarkably genuine and like the real DVLA government website. The user will then be asked for personal information and payment details, for example debit/credit card and/or bank details.

This is a common practise now for scammers, seen in many scenarios like banking and HMRC scams where (a) the website address is close to the genuine one and (b) the actual website can look remarkably like (if not almost identical to) the real website.

The rule here is, no matter how genuine the website address or the actual website looks do not be complacent and NEVER hand over your personal information, credit card, debit card or bank details.

If you’ve received a suspicious message or phone call claiming your road tax is overdue, you can in the first instance, check your road tax status on the official goverment website here.

The government website also has more information about phishing/scam emails here.

You can also report suspicious websites, scam emails/text messages and suspicious phone calls to the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) here.