Drivers in fear of fuel price rise

Published Date: 17th Mar 2006

Drivers are cutting down on their mileage as a result of rising fuel prices, according to recent research from More Than car insurance.

And if things don't start improving, many could start turning to the perils of public transport more ? or even opting for electric or hybrid cars.

More Than found that 12 million motorists made a point of using their cars less last year, while 22 per cent would consider alternative options if prices broke the 100p barrier.

This figure increases to 42 per cent of the 1,526 drivers polled when the frightening prospect of fuel at 150p a litre raises its ugly head.

Head of More Than, David Pitt, said: "Rising fuel prices are having a real impact on motorists? behaviour, to the extent that a significant number have already cut back on the number of journeys they make."

While drivers are generally reluctant to ditch their cars completely (62 per cent saying public transport was too poor), some 16 per cent of said they would consider switching to electric or hybrid cars.

This would also help to reduce harmful carbon emissions, while fewer cars on the road could lead to less congestion and better safety, Mr Pitt added.

Ealier this week the UK's first bioethaol pump also opened at a Morrisons petrol station in Norwich.

The timing of the E85 fuel, 85 per cent bioethanol, coincided with the arrival of the Saab 9-5 Biopower model.

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