20mph speed limit be introduced in England?

Published Date: 15th Feb 2023

20 MPH Speed Limit for WalesThe 20mph speed limit is the newest restriction set to be rolled out across Wales, following a unanimous vote from the Welsh Parliament. As the first nation in the UK to adopt this as its default speed limit on all residential roads, campaigners argue that Wales is now at the fore of active travel advocacy and is championing for other nations to follow suit.

The 20mph speed limit will come into effect from September 2023 and has been proposed with good intentions: to lower road collisions and to make our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike. The Welsh government have said that reducing the default speed limit could also lead to improved health benefits due to increased opportunities for walking and cycling in communities and safeguarding our environment for future generations.

Not everyone is in favour of 20 mph limits, however. According to a consultation released by the Welsh government, more people were against 20 mph limits than supported them. Some motorists complain of more traffic congestion, while others worry that journeys may take longer due to slower speeds.

Despite this, evidence suggests 20 mph limits can still prove highly beneficial - especially when it comes to safety. The latest police data showed that half of 5,570 people hurt in collisions in Wales occurred on 30mph roads; 40% of 1,131 people killed or seriously injured also happened in 30mph zones. With 20 mph limits being introduced, research claims that chances of survival after being hit by a car increase seven-fold with stopping distances being halved too.

It's not just about improved safety either; 20 mph rules could save money too! The Welsh government claim a 20mph limit could result in an estimated £58m savings over 30 years due to reduced hospital treatment visits and emergency services needed. This may be thanks primarily to improved road safety or decreased noise levels from vehicles travelling at slower speeds.

Whilst not all roads are suitable for 20mph limits - known as 'exceptions' - it is clear this new blanket rollout across Wales could be hugely beneficial if implemented correctly. It could reduce accidents, encourage more opportunities for walking and cycling through our communities and ultimately create a safer environment - both financially and physically - for future generations alike!



20 mph speed limit is set to be rolled out in Wales in September 2023, with the Welsh Government claiming it will lead to improved health benefits and safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

Despite some opposition from motorists worried about increased traffic congestion or longer journey times, evidence suggests that 20mph limits could still save lives.

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