Cheaper New Car Servicing

Published Date: 29th Jan 2016

For decades, motorists were always required to have their new car servicing or repair work carried out at a main dealer so they did not invalidate the vehicle's warranty.


This allowed main dealers a monopoly on all warranty and service work, and basically charging whatever they wanted, with this came allegations of price fixing. The EC Block Exemption Regulation was introduced in October 2003 and allowed motorists more flexibility in selecting where they can get their car serviced or repaired.

The Block Exemption Regulation (BER) covers all service and maintenance during the warranty period and prohibits vehicle manufacturer’s warranties from including the following conditions:

1.Maintenance to be provided within the vehicle manufacturer’s dealer network

2.All parts used must be the manufacturer’s original spare parts

Thanks to this legislation, maintenance and service work no longer has to be carried out by a Main Franchise Dealer as long as the garage you choose uses original equipment, matching quality parts, and are recorded as doing so, and completes the work in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedules you will maintain your vehicles warranty.

There’s been another twist in the regulations for new car servicing

Main dealers face more competition than ever before, as a new EU legislation has been released and it removes any limitations that independent garages or repair centres had before.

There is now no limitation on vehicle information for independent garages, mot centres or repair centres. It is now truly a level playing field for everyone! More people than ever before are going to be saving more money on New Car Servicing.

There is now zero limitations on garages accessing vehicle information

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) explained that there will now be “a level playing field in the battle for access to information” that will “leave franchised dealers vulnerable to losing more service business to the independent garages”.

Brussels has been working alongside the IGA for some years now, and it seems that the pendulum has swung in their favour. This is great news for independent garages across the UK and the entire EU. Independent garages will now be given any relevant information from any car manufacturer to carry out the work on any car.

IGA director Stuart James announced: “The IGA has worked tirelessly to see this legislation through, and RMISC is positioned to be the first certification body for this type of information in Europe.

“This is the largest change to the current structure of the UK motor industry and professionally run, independent garages will flourish.

“It has been advantageous for independents that the franchised sector has not picked up the gauntlet of genuinely meeting consumer needs in terms of price and quality.

“This new change will allow independents to seize the opportunity, take the initiative and increase their share of service and repair work even further.”

 “Garages who demonstrate their integrity will be certified to have access to all the functions required to service, repair and update modern cars,” said James.

So what does mean?         Cheaper New Car Servicing for Everyone!!!!

BER safeguards free competition in after market parts, repairs and services and will benefit new car buyers by reducing the cost of servicing through better labour rates and competitively priced parts.

Not servicing your car at the main dealer, and choosing an independent garage can save you up to 60%.