BMW Launches Its New Concept CS

A new Concept CS model has been unveiled by BMW at the Shanghai Motor Show this April. Although a concept car, the CS gives an indication of future design vision for BMW.

This new Concept is a return to a more aggressive looking car for BMW, with an angled, shark-nose grille which bears a resemblance to the first generation 6 Series model. It is a luxury, 4-seater, 4-door coupe aimed at competing with the likes of the new Porsche saloon model due out in 2009. The 2 rear seats are separate and, like the front seats, are luxurious and spacious.

With the body width increasing towards the rear of the car, the CS Concept is 400mm wider and 67mm longer than the standard wheelbase BMW 7 Series. Its door handles are fitted flush to the lower window ledge giving it very clean lines. When activated by sensors, the door handles move out to allow access to the car.

The Concept CS model runs on a V10 engine used in the M5 and M6 models but if produced could use a range of six, eight or 10 cylinder engines.

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