BMW Announce 5 Door MINI

BMW recently announced that production of the much anticipated five-door Mini has begun, taking the MINI to a whole new customer base. This also spells the next step in the car maker’s £750 million investment programme across its UK production operation.

This new five door version is the second member of the Mini family to be built on this all new platform. The approach increases the flexibility and agility of the manufacturing process, allowing more models of different variation to be produced more faster than ever before, which is essential element of the Mini’s build-to-order customer appeal.

BMW has been preparing for the latest generation of Mini for a while and have seen fit to build an all-new body shop at the main Oxford site and significant investment in facilities at Plant Swindon, where the car’s body panels are pressed and a number of sub-assemblies made.

The Mini is built in Cowley, at the Oxford plant, with additional capacity introduced in the Holland for the latest generation model due autumn. The Mini Hatch was the first model launched by BMW under the Mini brand after the original Mini was discontinued in 2000. The new model built by BMW is technically unrelated to the former.

The car comes just on the back of the new Mini Hatch release, which was launched as recent as November. The new five-door version will go on sale towards the end of next year.