Best New Car Warranty

Published Date: 24th Jan 2014

The appeal of buying a new 2014 plate car is that it’s unlikely to go wrong – and in case it does go wrong, it is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. While warranties are designed to protect you from costly bills, their conditions can vary dramatically and its well worth looking into all the small print to discover what exactly is and isn’t covered.

Take Kia for example. It has so far ploughed a lonely if admirable furrow by guaranteeing its cars for seven years or up to 100,000 miles. However, their warranty only covers paint defects for just five years, while the audio system in the car is covered for only three. It also includes breakdown cover, though it’s only for the first year.

Hyundai has five-year warranty, but this includes five years of audio cover and five years of breakdown cover. And while Kia doesn’t cover either clutches or brakes and leaves other wear and tear components to the dealership’s discretion, Hyundai will cover your battery, clutches and brakes are covered for two years and suspension also covered for five years.

Toyota and Subaru offer five-year warranties, paint is guaranteed for only three years. Renault It has a four-year warranty which includes four years of audio cover and with the same amount of breakdown cover, you still only get three years of paint cover though.

Then there is Vauxhall’s lifetime warranty. Bearing out the adage that things that sound too good to be true usually are, it’s limited to a huge 100,000 miles. In reality that’s about 7-8 years of mileage. Paintwork defects are covered for just a single year while anti-perforation, which is pretty much 12 years throughout the industry – is covered for just 6 years.

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